Donate to Chiswick Pier

Chiswick Pier Trust is entirely self-supporting and welcomes all monetary donations to support its aims and objects. Over the years the Trust has facilitated the development of many community based initiatives - in particular the Chiswick Pier Canoe Club and the Chiswick Sea Cadets.

Money is needed for the activity programmes, running costs, maintenance and repairs as well as the initial set-up costs.

Potential Donors are asked to contact us to agree the purpose of the donation and to make arrangements for payment which take advantage of the current UK tax regulations.

Gifts for fund raising

Donations  do not need to be monetary - we usually run a Tombola, for instance, at our larger events and welcome small articles and gifts.

Gift Aid

Every time you make a donation (this includes Membership Subscriptions) to the Trust we can increase it by 28%!

The Government allows the Trust to reclaim the tax you have paid on your income when you give money to us. This means that, for every £1 you give, provided you are a taxpayer, the Trust can get an extra 28 pence directly from the Treasury.

PLEASE TICK THE BOX marked "Gift Aid" on the Membership Application Form and enable the Trust to benefit more fully from your support.

Should you require further information please contact us.


Legacies are a valuable source of income for many charities. A legacy will assist the Trust to fulfil its aims and objects and provides a degree of financial assurance in uncertain times. Legacies can be used to enable the Trust to attain its strategic targets.

If you are considering giving the Trust a legacy please contact us to agree the purpose of the legacy and to make financial arrangements which take advantage of the current UK tax regulations.